Finding sustenance for our souls at The Piggery


Our ostensible reason for wanting to travel to the new restaurant in the centre of town is that we feel like having a bite to eat. But a substantial, perhaps even decisive part of our desire has a less mundane, more subtly psychological basis: we want to absorb the values of the restaurant itself. We want (in some vague sense) to become like it: Relaxed, Dignified, Convivial, Content with Simplicity, In Touch with Nature, At Ease with Others. These are the abstract virtues that we semiconsciously detect in the dishes, the service and the decor…

Alain de Botton, “The News – A User’s Manual” 2014, page 227


The Piggery Café, managed by English lass Emma Lloyd and Frenchman Max Peyrard (former Bistro Vue bar manager), has been designed in a warm and rustic manner with touches of modernity….Outside a slew of tables lay under heating strobes looking out to lawn bowls, croquet and bocce pitches. Look even further across the 23-hectare estate and into the distance and you’ll spot the 500-tree trufferie, extensive vegetable gardens and an emu enclosure with the grand ambition of sourcing the eggs to use in the Piggery Café dishes. 

We will succeed in making Burnham Beeches the world’s first complete gourmet retreat that is harnessed by nature and complemented by human understanding. A deep compassion and respect for the environment that surrounds us is key in driving the Burnham Beeches vision. Here at Burnham Beeches no chemicals or harmful farming practices are used across any inch of the deluxe property grounds. We want our small, engaging parcel of 66 acres to provide us with as much a story as it does food. Think of it as sustenance for the mind and soul.

Extract from The Piggery Cafe official website

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